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Legal Loophole Opens $10 Billion Compensation Claim For Mauritius Oil Spill

This is a continuing series of incredible articles by Nishan Degnarain published by Forbes on the Wakashio oil spill in Mauritius. This one is about the legal ramifications and the massive effort of the maritime industry to avoid responsibility and limit its liabilities and the awful and obstructive behaviour of a UN agency – the IMO – which is revealed to be not an honest broker but really a tool of the rich and powerful maritime industry. See the link for this article.

“Small Island States like Mauritius and Seychelles with limited resources are at the mercy of predatory industries and are failed by a corrupt united nations system,” says Dr. Nirmal Shah.  “I was the Honorary Consul for Mauritius in Seychelles for 15 years and I am outraged by the stone-cold criminal behaviour by so many companies and institutions he has been describing in such detail. My heart goes out to all my friends and colleagues affected and the incredible damage done to the fabulous environment of this beautiful island. An object lesson for Seychelles which is enamoured by the UN.”